Vietnam: Motorcycles: Emissions

Vietnam: Motorcycles: Emissions


Currently, Euro 3 standards are in place for motorcycles in Vietnam.

Standard type
Conventional pollutant emission limits
Regulating Body
Ministry of Transport (Bộ Giao Thông Vận Tải)

Current Standard
Type 3 (Euro 3)



In 2005, Vietnam issued Government Decision No: 249/2005/QĐ-TTg, which mandated emissions limits for motorcycles and mopeds, referred to as Type 2 standard (equivalent to the Euro 2 standard). The Decision required new manufactured, assembled, and imported motorcycles and mopeds to meet Euro 2 standard in 2007.

The Type 3 (Euro 3) standard was implemented in 2017 via Government Decision No. 49/2011/QĐ-TTg issued in 2011.

The Ministry of Transport (Bộ Giao Thông Vận Tải) is responsible for reducing emissions from new and in-use motor vehicles, overseeing testing, and implementing emission-related regulations.

Technical Standards

Emission standards for two-wheelers are outlined in the table below. For Euro 3 emission standards, manufacturers can opt for either ECE R40 or WMTC as their test cycle, and should comply with their respective emission targets.


Emission standards for two-wheelers
Emission standard Implementation date Vehicle category Cylinder capacity/speed Pollutants (g/km) Test Cycle
Euro 2a 2007 Motorcycles < 150 cm3 5.5 1.2 0.3 ECE R40
≥ 150 cm3 5.5 1.0 0.3
Mopeds < 50 cm3 1.0 1.2b ECE R47
Euro 3c 2017 Motorcycles < 150 cm3 2.0 0.8 0.15 ECE R40
≥ 150 cm3 2.0 0.3 0.15
vmax < 130 km/h 2.62 0.75 0.17 WMTC
vmax ≥ 130 km/h 2.62 0.33 0.22
a QCVN 04:2009/BGTVT
b HC + NOx
c QCVN 77:2014/BGTVT

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