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Heavy-duty emissions standards:

  • Colombia currently applies Euro IV emissions standards to diesel, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and liquid natural gas (LNG) powered heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs).
  • In 2023, newly manufactured or imported diesel, LPG, and LNG HDVs will have to comply with Euro VI standards.
  • Gasoline powered heavy-duty-vehicles are regulated under U.S. EPA 1998 emission standards.

Light-duty emission standards:

  • Colombia currently applies the equivalent of Euro 2/U.S. EPA Tier 1 emission standards to gasoline powered light-duty vehicles (LDVs). In 2023, gasoline LDVs must meet Euro 4 or equivalent limits.
  • All newly manufactured or imported diesel powered LDVs must comply with the equivalent of Euro 4/U.S. EPA Tier 2 Bin 9 standards. in 2023, diesel LDVs must meet Euro 6 or equivalent limits.

All diesel vehicles in circulation must comply with Euro VI by 2035.

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