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China is the only country to have mandated fuel consumption standards for both two and three-wheeled vehicles. The Stage I standards are currently in effect, are managed by the National Development and Reform Commission, and apply in China and Taiwan. However, new standards were proposed in 2016 and will come into effect beginning on July 1, 2018 for the new type-approval model and beginning on July 1, 2019, for all new vehicle sales and registrations. An ICCT briefing outlines these upcoming standards. 

Standard type
Fuel consumption standard
Regulating Body

Stage I: National Development and Reform Commission, NDRC
Stage II (under development):Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the Certification and Accreditation Administration (CNCA)

Current Standard

Motorcycles: Stage I (GB 15744-2008)
Mopeds: Stage I (GB 16486-2008)

Two and three-wheeled motorcycles and mopeds not greater than 1250cc, in China. Two-wheeled motorcycles and mopeds not greater than 1400cc in Taiwan, China.


China is the only country in the world currently to have mandated fuel consumption standards for two and three-wheelers. Standards for motorcycles and mopeds were adopted in 2008 and implemented beginning in 2009. Both standards were implemented on July 1, 2009, for new type approval model and January 1, 2010, for all vehicle sales and registrations.

China’s Phase II fuel consumption standards for motorcycles are under development, but no public drafts have yet been released.

Taiwan, China, also has an independent motorcycle fuel economy program begun in 1987 with the adoption of “Fuel Economy Standards and Regulations on Vehicle Inspection and Administration.” The most recent update to the motorcycle fuel economy limits in the regulation was December 31, 2011.

Technical Standards

China’s national standards GB 15744-2008 and GB 16486-2008 set fuel consumption limits for motorcycles and mopeds, respectively. Moped standards are only defined for engines ≤50cc , while the motorcycle standards apply to engines larger than 50cc. Both standards set different limit values for two and three-wheelers.

The following tables detail China’s Phase I fuel consumption standards as well as Taiwan, China’s, current standards. Note: two-wheeler standards in Taiwan, China, and Mainland China are not directly comparable as test procedures are not the same.

Fuel consumption standards in China
Engine Size (cc) China
l/100 km
≤50(mopeds) 2 2.3
>50-100 2.3 3.3
≥100-125 2.5 3.8
≥125-150 2.5 3.8
≥150-250 2.9 4.3
≥250-400 3.4 5.1
≥400-650 5.2 7.8
≥650-1000 6.3 9
≥1000-1250 7.2 9
≥1250 8 9
Fuel consumption standards in Taiwan, China
Engine Size (cc) Taiwan, China
<50 2.07
>50-100 2.46
>100-150 2.63
>150-250 3.57
>250-500 4.74
>500-750 6.02
>750-1000 6.33
>1000-1400 6.80
≥1400 7.63
(1) converted from km/l in the original regulation

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