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Since 1994, light and heavy-duty vehicle emission regulations have been based on European standards. As of January 1 2013, all heavy-duty engines (outside of new models and armored vehicles, which have until June 30) comply with the Euro IV standard.

Standard type
Conventional pollutant emission limits
Regulating Body
Secretaría de Ambiente y Desarrollo Sustentable – Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development
Vehicles with GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) above 3,500 kg


When emissions regulations for both light- and heavy-duty vehicles in Argentina first became effective in 1994, they were loosely based on European regulations. Since 2006 (Resolution 731/2005 [2766]), Argentinian emission regulations for heavy-duty vehicles have incorporated European emission limits and test methods by reference (i.e., the emission limits are those of the referenced EU regulations, as opposed to limits that are the numerical equivalent).

The implementation of Euro IV and Euro V emission standards were set to take place in 2009 and 2012, respectively, by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development through Resolution No. 35. However, subsequent resolutions (Resolution No. 1800/2011 and Resolution No. 1434/2011) delayed the implementation of these standards.

In 2012, Resolution No. 1448 established that, beginning 1 January 2013, heavy-duty engines of all fuel types must comply with Euro IV (European Directive 2005/55); new models of heavy vehicles, armored vehicles, and the engines that equip either type of vehicle, were allowed to be certified as Euro III until 30 June 2013.

Technical Standards

The standards reflected below are based on European heavy-duty engine emission regulations.

Emission Standards for Diesel Trucks and Buses
Year Reference Standard CO HC NOx PM Vehicle Type
1994 Euro 0 11.2 2.45 14.4 Urban buses
1995 Euro I* 4.9 1.23 9.0 Urban buses
1996 Euro I* 4.9 1.23 9.0 0.4a LCV & Trucks
1998 Euro II 4.0 1.1 7.0 0.4a Urban buses
2000 Euro II 4.0 1.1 7.0 0.15a LCV & Trucks
2006b Euro III
2013c Euro IV
* production conformity limit
a – multiply by a factor of 1.7 for engines below 85 kW
b – New models; 2007 for all models
c – This date represents a four-year delay from the initial planned implementation date. Euro III vehicles of certain classes permitted until 30 Jun 2013.

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