US: Light-duty: Inspections and Maintenance (IM240) Test

US: Light-duty: Inspections and Maintenance (IM240) Test


The IM240 test is a chassis dynamometer schedule developed and recommended by the US EPA for emission testing of in-use light duty vehicles as part of inspection & maintenance (I&M) programs implemented in a number of states. The EPA has also developed a set of recommended IM240 emission standards for use in I&M emission testing programs.


The test was formulated based on selected segments of the FTP75 test cycle.


Inspection & Maintenance Driving Cycle IM240

The IM240 is a short, 240 second test representing a 1.96 mile (3.1 km) route with an average speed of 29.4 mile/h (47.3 km/h) and a maximum speed of 56.7 mile/h (91.2 km/h).

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