US: Light-duty: FTP-72

US: Light-duty: FTP-72


The U.S. FTP-72 (Federal Test Procedure) cycle is also called Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule (UDDS) or LA-4 cycle [CFR 40, 86, App.I]. The regulatory definition of this cycle is the basis for the FTP-75 test, where the first phase of the test is repeated at the end.

This cycle should not be confused with the UDDS schedule for heavy-duty vehicles.


The FTP-72 cycle simulates a urban route of 12.07 km (7.5 mi) with frequent stops. The maximum speed is 91.2 km/h (56.7 mi/h) and the average speed is 31.5 km/h (19.6 mi/h).

The cycle consists of two phases: (1) 505s (5.78 km at 41.2 km average speed) and (2) 864s. The first cycle begins with a cold start.

The same engine driving cycle is known in Australia as the ADR 27 (Australian Design Rules) cycle and in Sweden as A10 or CVS (Constant Volume Sampler) cycle. In Sweden both phases have the same weighting factors.

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