US: Heavy-duty: NYComp

US: Heavy-duty: NYComp


The New York Composite (NYComp) cycle is a chassis dynamometer test for heavy-duty vehicles representative of actual driving patterns in New York City. Also known as the New York Bus Composite (NYBC) cycle, the test is a compressed version of the US EPA “unfliltered bus test cycle”.


Vehicle speed over the duration of the NYComp test is shown in below.


New York Composite Cycle

The following are selected parameters of the NYComp cycle:

  • Duration: 1029 s
  • Total driving distance: 4.06 km (2.52 mi)
  • Maximum speed: 57.92 km/h (36.0 mph)
  • Average speed: 14.25 km/h (8.85 mph)
  • Average speed without stops: 20.0 km/h (12.43 mph)
  • Maximum acceleration: 5.41 m/s2
  • Average acceleration: 0.48 m/s2
  • Number of stops per km: 4

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