US: Heavy-duty: NYBus

US: Heavy-duty: NYBus


The New York Bus (NYBus) Cycle is a chassis dynamometer test for heavy-duty vehicles, representative of actual driving patterns of transit buses in New York City. Developed by the US EPA, the test attempts to simulate some of the toughest bus driving conditions that existed in the United States in the 1980s.


The data for this cycle was collected from a mid-town Manhattan route in New York City. The NYBus test simulates rapid stop-and-go traffic with long passenger transfer times. The cycle consists of very rapid accelerations, followed by rapid decelerations to idle and long idling periods.



NYBus Driving Cycle

The following are selected parameters of the NYBus test:

  • Duration: 600 s
  • Total driving distance: 0.99 km
  • Maximum speed: 49.56 km/h (30.8 mph)
  • Average speed: 5.94 km/h (3.7 mph)
  • Average speed without stops: 17.11 km/h (10.6 mph)
  • Maximum acceleration: 2.77 m/s2
  • Average acceleration: 1.17 m/s2
  • Number of stops per km: 11

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