US: Heavy-duty: CSC

US: Heavy-duty: CSC


The City Suburban Cycle (CSC) is a chassis dynamometer test for heavy-duty vehicles developed by West Virginia University[1]. The CSC is also abbreviated as CSHVC (City Suburban Heavy Vehicle Cycle).

The test is also available in a “route” version—the City Suburban Heavy Vehicle Route (CSHVR)—where the vehicle speed is given as a function of travelled distance, rather than time.


Vehicle speed over the duration of the CSC driving cycle is shown below.



City Suburban Heavy Vehicle Cycle


The following are selected parameters of the CSC cycle:

  • Duration: 1700 s
  • Total distance: 10.75 km (6.68 mi)
  • Maximum speed: 70.55 km/h (43.84 mph)
  • Average speed: 22.77 km/h (14.15 mph)

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