South Korea: Heavy-duty: Emissions

South Korea: Heavy-duty: Emissions


Since 2014, heavy-duty vehicles are subject to Euro VI emissions standards.

Standard type
Conventional pollutant emission limits

Regulating Body
Ministry of Environment

Current Standard

Gasoline – 2013.1.1 Standards

Diesel – Euro VI


All vehicles with a reference mass greater than 3.5 tons (3500kg)


South Korea has regulated emissions from heavy-duty vehicles since February 1991. Diesel vehicle emissions standards follow the European precedent. As of 2002, emissions standards were equivalent with Euro III. Emissions improvements have accelerated since then. In 2006, emissions for diesel vehicles were equivalent to Euro IV until 2009, when the Euro V level was adopted. Since 2014, diesel emissions have been regulated under Euro VI limit values.

Technical Standards

Gasoline Vehicles

Emissions standards for heavy-duty gasoline vehicles are displayed below. The most recent standard was released in January 2013.

Emissions Standards for Heavy-Duty Gasoline and Gas-fueled Vehicles
Implementation Date CO (g/km) NOx (g/kWh) HC Test Cycle
Tailpipe Emissions (g/km)
Jan 1 20061 1.5 (0.4)2 3.5 0.46 (0.2) ND-133
4.0 3.5 0.55 ETC
Jan 1 2009 4.0 2.0 0.55 ETC
Jan 1 2013 4.0 0.4 0.14 WHTC
1 Manufacturers can choose to comply based oh either the ND-13 or ETC test cycle.
2 Values in parentheses are for gas-fueled vehicles (compressed natural gas).
3 ND-13 cycle is identical to the ESC (European Stationary Cycle) in Europe.

Diesel Vehicles

Emissions standards for diesel vehicles follow European precedent. Heavy-duty vehicles in Korea have been required to meet the Euro V emissions standards since September 2009. Since 2014, heavy-duty vehicles have been subject to Euro VI emissions standards.

Emissions Standards for Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles
Implementation Date CO NOx HC+NOx PM Smoke PM# Test Cycle1
(g/kWh) #/kWh
Jan 1 2006 1.5 3.5 0.46 0.02 <10%, K=0.5m-1 ND-132
4.0 3.5 0.55 0.03 ETC
Sept 1 2009 1.5 2.0 0.46 0.02 <10%, K=0.5m-1 ND-13
4.0 2.0 0.55 0.03 ETC
Jan 1 2014 1.5 0.40 0.13 0.01 8×1011 WHSC
4.0 0.46 0.16 0.01 6×1011 WHTC
1 Manufacturers should meet the standards for both test cycles.
2 ND-13 cycle is identical to the ESC (European Stationary Cycle) in Europe.

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