Japan: Light-duty: 10-Mode

Japan: Light-duty: 10-Mode


The 10-mode cycle, defined by Japanese Industrial Safety and Health Association, JISHA 899, 1983, was used for emission certification of light duty vehicles in Japan. It had been replaced by the 10-15 mode cycle which, in turn, has been replaced by the current JC08 test.


Japan Test cycles


The 10 mode cycle simulates urban driving conditions. The entire cycle begins with a 15 minutes warm-up at 40 km/h, followed by six repetitions of the same segment.


10 Mode Cycle (One Segment)

One segment of the cycle covers a distance of 0.664 km at an average speed of 17.7 km/h and lasts 135 seconds. The maximum speed is 40 km/h. Emissions are measured over the last five segments (so the emission measurement period represents a route of 3.32 km, completed in 675 s). Emissions are expressed in g/km.

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