Australia: Light-duty: Petrol CUEDC

Australia: Light-duty: Petrol CUEDC


In 2005, a Composite Urban Emissions Drive Cycle (CUEDC) was developed for light duty petrol vehicles. This followed the development of CUEDC cycles for diesel vehicles in 1998.


The Petrol CUEDC was developed to be representative of “real world” Australian urban driving. It includes four segments—residential, arterial, freeway and congested.

Petrol CUEDC Cycle

A “Short Petrol CUEDC” (SPC240) was also developed, which attempts to represent the driving modes of the complete Petrol CUEDC in a shorter and potentially easier to perform test. The cycle was formulated based on the last 2 minutes of the arterial phase and the first 2 minutes of the freeway phase of the Petrol CUEDC (in an approach similar to that used in the formulation of the IM240 from the FTP75).

SPC240 Cycle

Selected characteristics of the two cycles are compared in the following table.


Characteristics Unit CUEDC SPC240
Distance km 19.44 3.10
Duration s 1797 240
Average Speed km/h 38.95 46.57
Maximum Acceleration m/s2 3.61 3.61
Minimum Acceleration m/s2 -2.78 -2.22
% idle 21.1% 12.5%
% 1-24 km/h 13.9% 10.8%
% 25-40 km/h 14.6% 6.7%
% 41-65 km/h 28.2% 51.3%
% over 65 km/h 22.3% 18.8%


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